Friday, September 4, 2015

Still Life - what exactly is "still"?

The concept of still life

Still life is usually seen as a moment of beauty frozen in time. The topics that are captured involve food, flowers and vases.
But does it have to be that way? In a sense, a portrait is also a still life.
Seen from the point of view of the meditator, there is an absence of thoughts, an increase in awareness, nothingness or maybe the full vibrancy of life.
I like to look at it from that point, and see a so called "Still Life" as an abundance in aliveness, shown as peace.

The art

So how would that translate in actual visual imagery?
In my world that means playing with glass (the reflections and transparency refer to the meditative aspect as mentioned earlier) as well as metals.
And this is what that would look like:

Bridge to Eternity - art by Anne Vis

You can see how the metallic effects create a liveliness. From here I was playing some more:

Bridge to Eternity - art by Anne Vis

Bridge to Eternity - art by Anne Vis

As you can see, I kept the color palette similar, to create a unity and add the three pieces together on one wall ...

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