Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sirius, the Dogs Days and cats

Every year between the end of July and the end of August, the star Sirius in right in line with our sun and this period is called the Dogs Days. This is an ironic name, as one of the races that lives on Sirius is a cat race! (who would have thought! :-) )
This year I decided to take advantage of this alignment by connecting with the cat energy from Sirius. Cats are originally from Sirius and then came on earth in ancient Egypt. The cat goddess Bastet was worshiped for over 4000 years!

To call on the original spirit of cats is calling on "Knor".
Knor is pronounced with a "k" as in "kitchen".
I chose to create a series of dreamy cat portraits. All portraits are painted with brushes in Photoshop and combine a watercolor technique with tiny hairs for the fur.

Of course painting is a great way to connect on a deeper level with the energies and the result was that there was more knor energy in my life.
I learned about a new healing technique called Sirius Energy Method.
You can find a link here, with a link to an English language pdf file.

An other effect is an increase in connections. Cats have their own networks and when you tap into the knor energy, they are happy to hook you up with people, places or animals that will enrich your life. It is of course dominated by the famous playfulness that cats have, so there is no linear or causal method to this.
Expect the knor energy to softly touch your project with a sweet paw, and everything will look different!
I have once done it to find a house and that also worked in a delightful way.
The cats guided me to houses where people had cats and if they did not have a place to stay themselves, it turned out they knew the right people to help me.

So I encourage anyone to try this and have fun with it! :-)
You don't need to wait for the Dogs Days to do this.

Meantime you can visit all cat paintings in this series on
the animal page in my gallery.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Australia Nazi Style Border Experiments

That Australia is now a rogue state is widely know, but new are the Nazi style border "security" measures that would make even Mengele mouth water. Hence a

Travel alert for Australia

Earlier this year I visited Australia and when I was actually LEAVING the country, I was suddenly grabbed at the airport, thrown in a cage, locked up and then I felt all sorts of strange sensations in my body, like a weird tingling. I started to scream that I wanted to be let out and after a few minutes the door was finally opened and the "security" officer said that this was "facial recognition technology".
Now I did a search on this and nowhere does it say that it is an invasive technology that can actually be felt. On the contrary, there are a lot of warnings around this technology that it can be done without you even knowing!
This was the official reaction I got (after about fifteen emails or so):

"I can confirm that the Australian Border Force uses facial recognition technology and, at the time of your departure, Brisbane Airport was trialing this technology in an outwards SmartGate. The SmartGates have since been rolled out at all Australian International Airports enabling departing travelers to self-process through outwards passport control."

In order words: it is some dark experiment that has no justification and of which the health effects have probably not even been researched. I did not give permission to participate in this experiment and also have demanded that my data be removed from their files.
Needless to say, I have not been successful in this and I am also still waiting for an apology for this rude behavior, that in my view (due to it's invasive nature) equals rape.
If you do not need to go to Australia, my advice would be: don't. It's not worth it.